Risk Taking

Topics: Risk, Decision theory, Decision making Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Khendee Casallo
Humanities 151
Do you feel that taking genuine risks in life is necessary in order for us to be happy? Can people find fulfillment and happiness in life by playing it safe and not courting any trouble or hardship from taking chances? The word “risk” means the possibility of suffering a harmful event. Risk taking can bring either positive or negative result because anytime we take risks in life, there is a possibility of loss which can cause tension. There are a lot of people who take big risks and appear not to be affected by them. But, many of us feel very uneasy when faced with risk-taking; we may become worried about the risk. Although some people are content in life by just playing it safe and not courting any trouble or hardship from taking chances, risk taking is a fundamental part of life and it is necessary in order for us to be happy or at least find happiness. Confidence, Challenge, and Innovation plays a big part in taking risks. Building up confidence to make difficult decisions is required in order to risk. Many people fear making initial decision with the fear that it may be wrong so they evaluate and attempt to consider all possible options without ever making a mistake; thats when people feel the sudden rush to make a decision. This is an example of risk-taking. Even I have taken some risks in life. When I was in 4th grade, me and my family went on a vacation at a water park that is known for its 9- foot deep swimming pool. I was just following my older cousins around and they decided to slide down the tubes going down the deep pool. I was in the middle of making that decision to either slide down or not. Back then I didn't know how to swim, yet I took a risk and drifted with them down the tube tunnels leading to the deep pool. Luckily, I know how to float and did not drown. I was glad I have taken that risk or else I would've regret it and not learn how to swim. Challenge is really the part of any risk that keeps us from it. It...
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