Risk Review

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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The scope of this review will mainly focus on the business risk that may impact on human resources, financial operations, OHS regulations, the business supply chain, the local governance and overall compliance issues.

The goals for the areas included in scope are the following: 1. To provide the company an effective human resource management that will maximise each employee’s potential and performance on their job, as well as provides information on the company systems and operations. 2. To create an effective and appropriate financial system that will help to control any unnecessary actions that might be risk for the financial operations of the business. 3. To incorporate a comprehensive plan for the compliance standards in OHS, Privacy and Industry practice that required by the law. 4. To analyse the processes in the supply chain that will identify and facilitate solutions to ensure customer satisfaction. 5. To identify the applicable requirements that will strictly monitored the external environment threats to the business. Any corrective actions will apply, if necessary.

Stakeholder| Internal / External| Role in Process| Issues and Concern| CEO – Paula Kinski| Internal| - Provide manager with relevant forms and information to complete local reviews on the new Toowoomba store.- Provides an end phase review in a timely manner, providing assistance where possible.| - Not enough knowledge for the review of the plan.- That there might not be adequate time and funds to conduct review and analysis of the plan.- Can’t think possible way for the improvement of new Toowomba store.| Risk Manager| Internal| - Take the lead role in ensuring that all stakeholder interests and concerns are properly addressed in the planning and conduct of the study.- Properly plan and analyse the study of the new Toowoomba store.| - The availability of workers and access to records might be...
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