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Topics: Patch cable, Optical fiber Pages: 2 (352 words) Published: May 16, 2013
The Corning Cable Systems CAH Connections Gold Program

represents the highest standard for manufacturers of optical patch cords. Only an elite group of cable assembly houses (CAHs) meets the high production and quality standards required to be eligible for this program. These companies have demonstrated, over a period of many years, a proven track record of manufacturing and business excellence. By working with Corning Cable Systems, and using our highquality cable assembly components, CAH Connections Gold Program members offer the speed and flexibility of a cable assembly house with the high-quality products and backing of a world leader in optical components. Because of this, Corning Cable Systems can extend its 25-year Network of Preferred Installers Program (NPI) coverage to include single- and 2-fiber patch cords manufactured by a CAH Connections Gold Program member for any project installed by a certified Network of Preferred Installers. SM

That’s coverage you can truly count on.
What does CAH Connections Gold Program status mean for you? • You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a high-quality patch cord manufactured by a tested and trusted supplier • The additional peace of mind that comes with a 25-year warranty • Patch cords are the most dynamic, handled and reconfigured components within a cabling infrastructure. A CAH Connections Gold Program member patch cord gives you one less thing to worry about • CAH Connections Gold Program assemblies are MADE IN THE U.S. exclusively with only Corning Cable Systems fiber optic cable and connector components

Corning Cable Systems LLC • PO Box 489 • Hickory, NC 28603-0489 USA 800-743-2675 • FAX: 828-325-5060 • International: +1-828-901-5000 • www.corning.com/cablesystems

Corning Cable Systems reserves the right to improve, enhance and modify the features and specifications of Corning Cable Systems products without prior notification. CAH Connections is a service mark of Corning...
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