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#1 Risk Register for the Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project # 11.5 No.| Rank| Risk| Description| Category| Root Cause| Triggers| Potential Responses| Risk Owner| Probability| Impact| Status| Risk Score| Response Strategy| R44| 1| Project Not Completed On time/New Customer| We have never done project for this organization and don’t know much about them. One of company’s strengths is building good customer relationships, which often leads to further projects with that customer.| People Risk| We won contract to work on a project we getting to know them| The PM and other senior mngt realize that this is a new customer and could easily misunderstand their needs or expectations.| Make sure the PM is sensitive to the fact that this is a new customer and takes the time to understand them. Have the PM set up the meeting to get to know the customer and clarify their expectations. Have PM attend meeting.| PM| Medium| High| Pm will set up the meeting within the week| 36| | R21|  2| Poor Security| Now we have to open up our Intranet to the Consulting, Inc systems to allow better communication between project members and Consultants, Inc| Project Risk | Easier availability of data to Consultants personnel. | OpenFirewallsFor Intranetaccess | Potential Security IssuesWith Outside Access | NetworkTeam | med | high | Will monitor | 36 | | R30|  3| late delivery of information | Consultants, Inc late delivery of information| Project Risk  | Transportation methods | Cost over-runs | Reason for late project  deliverables/cost overruns| PM | med | high | Will monitor  | 36 | | R43|  4| Users not being cooperative or participating| Users not being cooperative or participating| WBSRisk | Require Need feedback required | Reasons of risks | Formal risk identification sessions| PM | high | high |  Will monitor |  81| Reserve orFall Back plans| R67|  5| late delivery of user requirements |  ConsultantsInc late delivery of user requirements | Project Risk  | Definetasks | Deliverables not controlled since contracted outside | lies outside of our power to control the completion dates for the contracted work directly| PM | low | high | Develop a contract without sourcing |  27| | R76| 6 | Loss of Key team members  | Loss of Key team members   | Team risk |  ShareTasks| Spread taskings over team | Ensure team is used better; work spread among more people | PM | low |  med| Will monitor  | 10 | | R17|  7| Poor interface among team | Poor interface among team| Team Risk | Share Info  | Share info  on web page/emails| Diagramming techniques such as cause and effect diagrams, process or system flows, and influence diagrams.| PM | low | high | Will monitor  | 18 | | R88| 8 | Users not being cooperative or participating| Users not being cooperative or participating| WBS risk | Unclear tasks | describe the responsibilities | Project team input (which can take the form of interviews, brainstorming sessions, and/or Delphi technique)| PM | med | high | Will monitor  |  36| | R19|  9| late delivery of user interface | Consultants, Inc late delivery of user interface | Project Risk  | Unclear | Technical issues | Analysis of project assumptions | PM | high | high | Will monitor  | 64 | Risk Transfer Strategy| R28|  10| Benefits of the system | Realizing benefits of the system| User risk | Performance and reliability | Hardware/softwareissues | Performance and status reports | PM | low | low | Will monitor  | 4 | | R42|  11| Getting good employee input | Getting good employee input| Team Risk | comms| Missed timelines| Analysis of the WBS and project schedule | PM | high | med |  Will monitor | 45 | | R54|  12| Getting good management support | Getting good management support| Stakeholder Risk | Project task dependencies | Comms | Stakeholder and sponsor input | PM |...
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