Risk on Social Networking Site

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Name: Rafika Rashid
Assignment 1

1. Social networking and social networking sites
Social networking is a way of connecting people in the virtual world. They can be used to connect people in both a personal and professional context. Social networking websites began to be developed in the late 1990s to enable friends to stay in touch with each other. However it is really over the last five years or so that their usage has expanded significantly and their use has been accompanied by much publicity both positive and negative. Across the world there are now a huge number of public and private online social networks, with the best-known including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Bebo. Facebook is one of the largest sites, with over 300 million registered users. (www.netmums.com) As a social medium, the Internet enables young people to stay in touch with friends when they are physically separated from each other and through social networking they meet new people who share their interests. Social networking sites expand from sending out messages to invite their friends to join the site. New members also do the same thing, thus the total number of members and links grow in the network.

Though social networking started with adult people but nowadays it becomes an interest of children. It has both pros and cons. Many social networking sites have a policy which restricts access to children. In this assignment, my goal is to identify the potential threats to children on social networking, and rank them in terms of risk.

2. What is “Risk?”
Risk combines the function of severity and likelihood of an adverse event occurring with an assessment of its impact. Risk is the deviation from an expected outcome, which should be minimised. So, validly and reliably estimating severity and likelihood is the science of risk management. (http://www.ga.gov.au/)

3. Risk of social networking for children

4.1. Privacy (R1)
Privacy is highly...
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