Risk Management Worksheet

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Risk Management Worksheet
Gustav Viale
University of Phoenix

June 1, 2012
Nathanial Elam

Risk Management Worksheet
| Risk Management| Quality Management|
How does the leadership and governance of a health care organization influence the development and implementation of risk-management and quality-management policies?| 1. Communication to areas needing help with risk management.2. Support through the process.3. Controlled risk activities with risk profiling.4.Give input and advice for the specific policy| 1. Determine threshold for acceptance and practice.2. Monitors effectiveness and what changes should be made.3. Assist with mitigating errors and solutions.4. Determine cost of quality management.| How do the philosophy and culture of the risk-management and quality-management policies influences organizational performance?| 1. The two combined create a strongerOrganization.2. Decisions to problems and outcomes.3.Decrease errors4. Create openness to mistakes.| 1. Builds an environment which supportsPerformance.2. Creates environment of trust.3. Ensure goals are met.4. Increase accountability|

How do the risk-management and quality-management policies affect Stakeholders?| 1.Decrease risk and harm2.Support strategic goals3.Manage finance4. Business values and objectives adhered to.| 1. Create a strong relationship with company.2. Helps monitor progress and reputation.3. Creates input and output responses.4. Holds accountability issues to the highest.|

Provide APA citations for all sources in the following fields.| Carroll, R. L. (2009). Risk Management Handbook for Health Care organizations (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.| Perdomo-Ortiz, J., Gonzalez-Benito, J., & Galende, J. (2009). The intervening effect of business innovation capability on the relationship between Total Quality Management and technological innovation. International Journal Of Production Research,...
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