Risk Management Trends and Developments Paper

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Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary
Karen Garcia

Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Summary

In the simulation I am the marketing manager for Thorr Motorcycles a $5 billion company, which manufactures a range of motorcycles, and produces more than 200, 000 units per years (University of Phoenix, 2012). It will be a great challenge, because I will need to formulate a differentiation strategy, also will be dealing with three different scenarios, and working closer with three demanding, and experience co-workers; Benjamin Bao (Chief executive officer), Chris Winter (Chief engineer), and Meredith Kiligore (Vice President Brand communication) who are going to help to demonstrate the relationship of differentiation and positioning.

To decide on a positioning strategy for Thorr Motorcycles I need to create a perceptual map that will help to choose all the fundamental parameters that help to identify what customer want. To accomplish, and success a good marketing plan need to be create to obtain solution and result. On the simulation Optimal Perceptual Map for Cruiser Thorr I choose lifestyle one of the most important roles in the motorcycle industry and contribute to the image of the band, and have a powerful attribute, because it influence customers to buy in to image rather than function attributes (University of Phoenix, 2012). Quality Engineering is a product that provides quality manufacturing processes. A motorcycle cannot maintain a high image without this attribute (University of Phoenix, 2012). Price plays a big role in customer decisions, because it drives them to purchase the product. And the last parameter is services a time-test way of ensuring customer loyalty and keeping dealers, and distributor happy (University of Phoenix, 2012). Also according to the simulation analysis, other attributes such as safety, product design, and styling, fun, product...
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