Risk Management for Library Management System

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5. Risk Management

5.1 Purpose
This part describes how we will perform the job of managing risk throughout the project. It will define the roles and responsibilities for every member in the risk processes, the risk management activities that will carried out, as well as the schedule for the risk management activities.

5.2 Role and responsibility
Project Manager
-The project manager will meet with other members of the Project Management team (Programmer, User Interface Designer, Database Administrator and System Analyzer) to discuss and identify the potential risk for each department. Redefine the project’s risk level and review the status of all risk, and find out the best solution for the risks. Project Management Team

-The team will has the following responsibilities and authority: Coordinating risk identification and analysis activities, maintaining the project’s risk list, notifying project management of new risk items, and reporting risk resolution status to management.

5.3 Activities
Risk Identification
Techniques that will be used to identify risk factors will be stated at the beginning of the project and on an on-going basis. Normally brainstorming sessions will be held. Project Manager, System Analyzer, User Interface Designer, Programmer, Database Developer.

Risk Analysis and Prioritization
Assign each risk factor to the relevant project member(s), and then they will estimate the probability the risk could become a problem and the impact if it does. Project Manager All the analyzed risk factors will be collected, reviewed, and adjusted. The list of risk factors will be sorted by possibility to occur and also the impact. Project Manager

Risk Management Planning
All the risk factors will be assigned to every project members that they are responsible to the field or experienced for the development and execution of a risk mitigation plan. Project Manager For each...
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