Risk Management Assessment Summary

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Training and Development Paper
Rosa Greer
Instructor: Gina Drake

Training and Development Paper
Training and development is important in health care due to changes we face day to day. Many organizations train their employees to help them develop different ways to care for their patients with the best quality of care. Employees could use this training as a positive, helping them to set goals and career choices in the near future within the organization. This training and development is a great way for organizations to gain effectiveness with the quality of health care being provided and to help them at succeeding.

Training and education is very vital and important to health care and will continue to be. There will always be people in need of quality health care, so training and educating employees of health care is vital. Training and education is vital in health care mainly because of changes that occur and of different ways to improve the quality of health care. Also, as time go on, different types of illnesses and infections are becoming available. Health care employers and employees need to be aware of their surroundings in order to treat these patients and to protect themselves effectively. Suppose there was a patient that is to be seen in the emergency room of a health care organization. The employees of the emergency room have never dealt with a patient going through what this patient is going through. These employees do not know how or what to do to treat this patient in order to help the patient by giving the patient the best quality of care. I have seen this in many cases where the employees are not familiar with a particular illness or infection and go on to treat it as being something else. The patient ends up coming back to the emergency room with additional problems, now from medication prescribed to them from there last visit. The patient has become more ill and must seek help...
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