Risk Management

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Table of Contents
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1.0 Introduction| 02|
2.0 Hazard Identification| 03|
3.0 Photograph Or Diagram of Each Hazard| 05|
4.0 Possible Risks | 09|
5.0 Possible Workers Affected by the Hazards| 10|
6.0 Existing Control Measure| 12|
7.0 Further Action| 14|
8.0 Conclusion| 16|
9.0 Bibliography| 17|

1.0 Introduction
Main branch of Jotto Automobile Sdn Bhd (M) is located in Shah Alam which is the premier industrial zone of Selangor that established in 2012. The operations of Jotto Automobile include assembling car, metal forming, car painting, inspection and etc.

Our company’s vision and mission are to be distinguished as a leading company in the car manufacturing locally and globally, for Dedicated Quality and efficiency in Manufacturing, Servicing and Delivery to cater to our customers. Besides that, we also try to demonstrate a sense of harmony with nature, despite society’s reliance on modern science and technology. The elements of nature can still be presented to the lives of every individual through our products.

Our company had faced some serious hazards in car manufacturing workplace. It may bring some negative impacts to our company. Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC) has become fundamental to the practice of planning, management and the operation of a business as a basic of risk management.

Our organization had tried to carried out different type of hazards, identify each hazard and managed those hazards. Purpose to identify all possible hazards is to ensure minimal risk in workplace and control hazards at the source effectively. It is one of the general duties as prescribed under the occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Act 514) for the employer to provide a safe workplaces to their employees and other related person.

We will apply hierarchy of control and prevention measures to avoid serious accident or incident. Examples of hierarchy of control are elimination, substitution, isolation, engineering control, administrative control and PPE.

2.0 Hazard Identification
Our OSH committee had identified hazardous situations or substances that involve recognizing things. Hazard identification had been done through past histories of injuries and disease, reviewing previous hazard report and accident investigation reports and review of Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

The range of different types of hazards as following:

Type Of Hazard| Main Factor| Elaboration|
Well manage| | |
Electrical hazard| Cables damaged by mechanical wear and tear| Inappropriate use of double adaptors or extension cords, unchecked/ unmaintained cables and equipment.| Physical hazard| Noise| Continuous exposure to loud machinery or irregular exposure to extremely loud or sharp noises.| Ergonomics Hazard| Work surfaces| Ergonomics hazard that occur due to the awkward height surface design that might cause fatigue or injury from overreaching, bending, uncomfortable working positions.| Poorly Managed| | |

Psychological hazard| Unrealistic deadlines| Tasks to be completed in unrealistic timeframes.| Psychological hazard| Harassment & Bullying| Harassment and Bullying are closely related and refer to persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating or insulting behavior and can include an abuse of power.| Physical Hazard| Extremes of temperature| Conditions that are too hot can be uncomfortable and in extremes can result in injuries.| Physical Hazard| Workplace environment| Housekeeping, lighting, space to work and store product| Mechanical Hazard| Material loading by forklift| Material such as engine, and windows might fall down when loading by forklift from one side to another.| Mechanical Hazard| Isolation and lockout of machinery| Machinery or equipment is not properly locked out.| Mechanical hazard| Vibration| The machines that have great vibration will lead to worker musculoskeletal...
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