Risk Management

Topics: Health care, Patient, Risk management Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: December 15, 2012
1) Define the steps in the risk management process.
Analyze vulnerability to unforeseen loss that may conflict with a hospital mission, aspiration and intention. Next, they must inquire about other tenable recourse to risk management ways to oversee these potential exposures. After this, the team has to cull the best way to fix the unrealized hazard. Succeeding the last step, the team has to bring about and carry out concept. Lastly, the organization must track the aftermath to see if the changes made are valid. 2) Discuss the relationship between quality patient care and quality management in risk management.

All things roll down hill, what is meant by this is that; the Chief Executive Officer with the assistance of the management and administrative staff have to enlist the help of the rest of the staff for support and involvement in the mission. The link between quality patient care and quality risk management is to ensure safety and quality care for all. They also have to have information relative to the mission on risk management and quality care. 3) Explain how JCAHO was formed and its responsibilities.

The Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations was formed by a group of hospitals that felt that together they could ensure a standard of care and practice. The group of hospitals are really observing themselves to make sure quality assurance and risk management are in place. By doing this, patient can see how well the hospitals are doing with the care of patients. 4) Give examples of the 15 areas of risk management.

A cap on noneconomic and punitive damages is basically stating that there will be a limit will be set on how much compensation a person my get for person injury. Spiraling health care cost can be patients who demand too much care; doctors who practice defensive medicine because they fear being sued; aging boomers, and finally, everyone’s favorite the insurance companies. A designation of liability by which members of a...
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