Risk Management

Topics: Risk management, Business continuity planning, Management Pages: 6 (1830 words) Published: March 10, 2013
1.1Explain the meaning of risk management to an organisation 1.2Determine the roles and responsibilities for risk management at senior management level 1.3Evaluate risk management models

Study the article in the link below and take note of the following: The four stages to risk management, the four main categories of risk and strategies for dealing with risk http://www.open.edu/openlearn/money-management/management/business-studies/managing-risks With reference to your organization or one you are familiar with; a. Identify the core operations of the business

b. List the types of disruptive events that can affect the normal running of the organization c. Use the “bulletproof table” referred to in the reference text to analyse the risks associated with your core processes Guideline word count: 500 words

The discovery and promotion of youth sports talents through sponsored talent identification programs Health care awareness through sports in cooperation with the ministry of health and the ministry of education Establishment and development of sports facilities to suit the international standards and compete internationally - construct / manage / develop Hosting events for youth and sports

Administrative management development for sports and youth bodies including regulations and policies Creating Investment and Partnership systems with the clubs to help them generate money and not depend solely on the government Qualifying sports personnel (players, coaches, administrators) from all aspects Knowledge sharing at the international level to bring in best practices to the organization and its directorate Develop a national identity of the sports and cultural representation internationally To be involved actively in community health issues

Investment in the youth through education, training, etc.
Develop guide lines in Youth Welfare and have professional employees in the sports clubs and youth hostels to support youth with issues concerning all aspects of their life Develop liaison offices in different ministries and semi government bodies that are considered strategic partners Overall Sports organization and development

The disruptive events can be internal or external, positive or negative. However they usually happen and change plans or only throw them off balance slightly. Examples of such events that can occur in Goys are: Retirement or resignation or death of core or vital staff abruptly in the middle of a project Sudden change in higher management

Issues to do with health and safety matters
Possible accidents or breakdowns etc. in the sports facilities Political disturbances and civil instability
Collapse of committees with strategic partners
Loss of sponsorships
Re directing budgeted funds for other expenses such as gifts for winning teams External or internal forces demanding certain issues such as reports, presentations meetings instantly and abruptly (everything is important and urgent because of lack of planning and procrastination from the side of the management) Lack of transparency in decisions and actions dealing to staff not aware of what should be done Out sources and or contractors break contracts suddenly

By passing policies and procedures resulting in disruption of work Lack of management commitment to follow through projects for example waiting for days sometimes weeks to meet a director or the president Changing of staff positions without notice


1.Lack of active committees between ministries
2.Natural catastrophes

5.Political instability
6.Increased completion between gulf states in the field of sports 7.The strategy is not well defined and the vision is more geared to short term wins 8.The structure of the organization and the staff is incoherent with the needs of the strategy 9.Health and safety of the facilities

10.Crowd management

3.Lack of funding
4.Weakness in the sports marketing sector...
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