Risk Breakdown Structure Sample

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Risk Breakdown Structure ID RBS Element Definition
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Business Partner Business Sponsorship Business Department Staffing Business Processes Corporate department with the business problem to be solved or business function to be supported. Business case, support from business department, executive involvement, degree of active involvement by business sponsor. Business analysts reporting within business department, how dedicated or fragmented business department reps are, availability of business department reps, business rep authority to speak for and commit their department. Business process redesign, either as part of the work effort or outside the work effort. Clarity, adequacy, and compatibility of business process with the objectives of the work effort. Products and/or services offered, including pricing. Includes business strategic plans for marketing, introducing new products, withdrawing products, changing how or where they are offered. Business department conflicts with the Systems department or with other departments, which have a bearing on the objectives. Lack of a structure to mediate difference. Facilities & operations at all locations Business operation at Corporate headquarters or reporting to Corporate. This includes (list all business entities here…………..) Data center, PIM, Accounting, help desk. All Regional operation centers. Involvement of or reliance on Regional personnel. Need for personnel to change over to a new system(s) all at once. Field claim offices, Claim Central operations, and all other business offices. Involvement of or reliance on distributed personnel. Need for personnel to change over to new system(s) all at once. All call centers, whether permanent or temporary. Involvement of or reliance on call center personnel. Need for personnel to change over to new system(s) all at once. AFOs, agent offices, agent staff. Involvement of or reliance on AFO personnel, agents or agents‟ staff. Need for AFO or agency personnel to change over to new system(s) all at once. Competition, general business climate. Desire to pursue business opportunities, narrow window in which to exploit opportunity, emergence of new opportunities. Competitive pressures driving rapid pace of change, response to competition causing changes in business priorities and therefore changes in scope or requirements. Company financial targets and results. Strategic financial goals, business performance, stock market performance. Change that affects how people do their jobs. Not limited to org-chart changes.



Business Products


Inter-Department Conflicts

1.2 1.2.1 1.2.2 1.2.3

Business Operations Corporate Operations ISC Operations Regional Operations Centers Claim Offices


1.2.5 1.2.6

Call Centers Agencies

1.3 1.3.1 1.3.2 1.3.3

Business Environment Business Opportunity Competitive Environment Business Financials


Organizational Change



RBS Element
Systems Department Change

Need within the Systems Department for change in job descriptions, reporting relationships, staffing additions or reductions, procedures, relationships with business partners, or relationship with other areas in Systems, whether originating the work effort or outside the work effort. Need for change in how business partner works with Systems, including changes in responsibilities or coordination with other departments. Internal changes that result in new responsibilities, different staffing, different organization, where originating within the work effort outside the work effort. Need for change in job description, reporting relationships, and allocation of work, staffing additions or reduction, procedure, in our day-to-day business operations. Degree the work effort‟s success depends on acceptance of changes. Everything other than people or money. Need for dedicated space, influence of co-location, specialized workplaces. Need to...
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