Risk at Woolworth

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Site/Access Control
Upon daily arrival at site and prior to commencement of work, Contractors are required to sign the “Visitors Book”, and in some Woolworths Limited sites, will then be issued with a “Visitor” sticker/badge which is to be worn at all times. A “Work Authority Form” (WAF) must be completed and signed by the Site/Duty Manager prior to the commencement of any works and includes the following sections on the form: Contractor details.

Description of requested work.
Contractor Work Record.
Site Orientation.
High Risk Tasks.
Contractor‟s Statement.
Site/Duty manager Sign-in.

The “Work Authority Form” (WAF) (formerly known as the Maintenance Authority Form) is to be completed at the location of where the work is to be performed (provided it is safe to do so), prior to commencing the work. If “high risk” work is identified via the “Work Authority Form”, then a “Permit to Work” is also to be completed with the Site/Duty Manager so that appropriate safety precautions are identified for implementation. Typical high risk activities may include, but are not limited to: Hot Work.

Electrical Work.
Gas Work.
Impairment of Essential Services.
Concrete Cutting.

Upon completion of the works for that day the contractor is to notify the Site/Duty Manager. The Site/Duty Manager is to inspect the works undertaken, the parts/materials used, and that plant/equipment/work area have been left in a safe state. No work is complete, until the Site/Duty Manager or nominee has signed off the “Work Authority Form” for that day. Work Authority Forms and Permit to Work forms are valid for up to 12 hours. If the work extends longer than 12 hours, or requires re-attendance on the next day or another day, a new Work Authority Form and Permit to Work is required. Forms are to be signed off upon completion of work on each day. Final sign-off on the WAF includes the following sections on the form: Job Details.

Cause of Plant/Equipment failure.
Parts/Materials used.
Status of Work.
Contractors Statement.
Site/Duty Managers Final Sign-off section.

Note: Trolley Collection, Cleaning, Hygiene, and Waste Collection contractors, are not required to complete a WAF, provided they: Are providing recurring services, at the same site.
Sign in to the Visitor book. (Trolley Collection and Cleaning Contractors only) Wear a company uniform.
Have a Woolworths Safety Induction ID Card in their possession. Have a SWMS available on request.

6.3 Hazards
A hazard is "anything that has the potential to cause injury, illness or damage to people, plant or the environment”. Hazards that are identified prior to or during the works are to be documented in your Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and eliminated or controlled prior to commencement of works. Any site specific safety hazards should be brought to the attention of the Site/Duty Manager and any major hazards escalated to your Woolworths Limited representative. Asbestos

Asbestos registers are available onsite and are to be checked by the contractor prior to commencing any work. Specific areas within a store/site that contain asbestos are labelled. Only suitably licensed contractors can perform work on asbestos containing materials. 6.4 Safe Work Method Statements

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA) are: To be completed for all works.
To include a description of the task(s) and how they will be undertaken. To be "Task Specific" and include a Risk Assessment to identify hazards and eliminate/control the risks in relation to the tasks and any hazards that may be unique to that site. To be presented to the Site/Duty Manager prior to the commencement of any works requiring a “Permit to Work” or deemed “high risk”. Made available to the Site/Duty Manager upon request for “non” high risk works.

Where a SWMS or JSA cannot be produced the work will not be permitted to commence. Note: SWMS are...
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