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  • Published: June 3, 2013
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2 Risk Assessment Contents Page 2

Learning Objectives Page 3

Unit One Pages 4 – 6
Legal Framework for Risk Assessment
Unit One Questions Page 7
Unit Two Pages 8 - 12
Getting Started
Unit Two Questions Page 13
Unit Three Pages 14 – 17
Level of Risk
Unit Three Questions Page 18
Unit Four Pages 19 - 22
Control Measures
Unit Four Questions Page 23

Risk Assessment Learning outcomes

• Understand the methods and objectives of risk assessment

• Define what is meant by ‘hazard’ and ‘risk’

• Describe how risk assessments can help address dilemmas between individuals’ rights and health and safety concerns

• Know how to carry out a basic risk assessment

Alignment to QCF
Covers the risk assessment elements of Health and Safety units M/501/6178; D/501/3406; R/602/3179; and R/601/8922 (www.register.ofqual.gov.uk)
Links to Care Quality Commission outcomes (and regulations of the Health and Social Care Act 2008) Outcome 10: Safety and suitability of premises (Regulation 15) The registered person must ensure that service users and others having access to premises where a regulated activity is carried on are protected against the risks associated with unsafe or unsuitable premises’ Outcome 11: Safety, availability and suitability of equipment (Regulation 16) The registered person must make suitable arrangements to protect service users and others who may be at risk from the use of unsafe equipment by ensuring that equipment provided for the purposes of the carrying on of a regulated activity is –

a. Properly maintained and suitable for its purpose; and

b. Used correctly

Complementary manuals

Health and Safety

• Infection Control

• Safety of People and Places

• Fire Safety
Legal Framework for Risk Assessment
Risk assessment is a...
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