Risk Assessment

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Risk assessment

We all take risks every day of our life’s from waking, until going to bed, it is very different when working with the people that we support as it is important to have some risk assessments in place, which protect the service users and the staff team. I do however feel that sometimes we can be over protective and think there is a risk in most things that service users do. Recently company have provided training to managers to use a more person centred approach in doing risk assessments. We have had training to use a new format when doing risk assessments and I feel that one of the positive things that came out of this is that we have now been looking at why we have so many risk assessments in place and after speaking to service managers I have been able to archive quite a lot. For example having a risk assessment in place for a service user going to an activity that they have been going to for many years and there has never been a problem, then why do we need to have one in place, as long as the information has become part of their overall care plan then no risk assessment is needed. It should be about responsible risk taking, and not having one for every thing the service users do. I have completed a few risk assessments on the new format. .There are obviously risk assessments that we have to have legally such as fire, lone working, financial and manual handling

Titterton (2005) asks, if we strive for and achieve total safety, does that not result in total control of service users? This is obviously far from a person centred approach. I agree with titterton and feel that with the new format of risk assessments that we are doing I feel that they are more person centred and puts the service user at the centre of the risk assessment. Company’s – Risk taking policy states that risk taking is seen as a human right that people have in order that they can develop independence, make choices and have their rights and dignity respected, the work of...
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