Risk Assessment

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Construction, Personal protective equipment Pages: 22 (6861 words) Published: March 17, 2013

Risk Assessment
By Ruth McDonald
Plans& AimsPage3
Introduction Page4
Map Page6
Primary Research (List of Hazards)Page8
Numerical MethodPage11
Safety IssuesPage13
Analysis & ConclusionPage23
Bibliography Page25

* I firstly plan to research my topic for this assignment and to make sure there are enough safety issues to write about. * I plan on using a construction site for my risk assessment. * I plan to go to the DKIT library to read books on safety issues which I can use in my bibliography. * I plan on using health hazards as my primary research which will be accompanied with a map. * I plan on consulting my teacher regularly.

* I plan on using the numerical method for my risk assessment.

* I aim to describe my chosen workplace, both generally and specifically. * I aim to list 20 different hazards.
* I aim to do a detailed risk assessment of 10 of the 20 hazards. * I aim to outline the precautions that can be taken for each hazard. * I aim to analyse and conclude my assignment.

For this assignment I am going to conduct a full risk assessment of a construction site. A risk assessment is required on every working site by a law known as the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (SHWW). Such a risk assessment is part of a company or business’s safety statement. The safety statement is a written management programme for safeguarding safety and health in the workplace. It represents management’s commitment to safety and health and specifies the manner, the organisation and the resources necessary for maintaining and reviewing safety and health standards. Also, as a requirement of the SHWW Act, there are certain duties of both the employer and employees. Such duties of the employer include providing: a safe place of work, safe egress and access, safe plant and machinery, information and training, PPE (personal protective equipment), etc. Such duties of the employee requires: taking reasonable care of their own safety, co-operate with employer in relation to health and safety, report any defects, attend training, wear PPE, submit to any appropriate tests for intoxicants, etc. As part of this assignment, I shall give both a general and specific description of the workplace I am going to do my risk assessment on. For a general description, I have decided after doing a lot of research, I am going to do my risk assessment on a construction site. The construction site is going to be built into a row of council houses. It is located in Dunleer, Co. Louth. The company in charge of building these houses are the Kerr Brothers. However, for my risk assessment, I am going to focus on one house with the hazards as every other house is being built the same way so each house will have the same amount of hazards and safety precautions. A specific description of this construction site includes a detailed map on the next page. I will also give a description/guideline of this workplace now. As you walk onto the building site there is a metal fence surrounding the perimeter. On entering the site of the first house, to the right there is a safety check in unit where every worker must sign in before working. In front of the safety check in cabin is the office where there is no medical equipment except a first aid box. The canteen is beside it also but it is dirty and attracts insects and mice. Above the office and canteen are the toilets which are not in perfect condition, some of which are faulty also. To the left of these toilets are electric cables exposed on the ground which are near and somewhat in water (puddle). Above the faulty toilets and the cables is a deep trench that has no support on the sides for when digging is being done. There are no barriers around the trench either. Also there are leaking hoses into this trench. In front of this trench are diggers and lorries...
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