Risk and Quality Management

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Risk and Quality Management Assessment Summary
Kelly Hennessey
Lauri Rose

Risk and Quality Management Assessment Summary
Evergreen Woods health and rehabilitation center is located in Spring Hill Florida. The center has been serving Hernando County for over 25 years. Services that the center offers are: Post-acute services, Rehabilitative services, skilled nursing, Short and long term care through physical, occupational and speech therapists. The mission of Evergreen Woods health and rehabilitation center is to provide comprehensive services to meet the care of the residents and patients. They strive to meet customer satisfaction daily and follow core values to obtain excellence in care. Risk management serves to protect patients and staff members by reducing medical errors, remaining up to date with state and federal regulations. As well risk management protects staff and patients by eliminating hazards within the organization. Quality management serves the purpose to ensure that patients are receiving the best care available. In the organization Evergreen Woods risk and quality management plays the same role as it does in any other health care organization. Being that this center is an in-patient facility serving many different patients with many different health issues there are many different risks involved in the daily operation of the organization. Key concepts of risk and quality management within Evergreen Woods rehab while are undefined to the public it is noticeable to any person that is involved in the organization whether it be a patient, family member or a staff member. The organization takes steps daily to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every person that walks in their doors. The doctors and nurses take extra steps to make sure that the residents and their family is comfortable with the choice they made in selecting them. The keep patients and families up to date on all issues that are transpiring with the patient...
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