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  • Published : January 8, 2013
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Evaluating the Research Process
Lauvata Drew
December 5, 2012
Cathy Maddry

Evaluating the Research Process

This paper is a descriptive review of the literature on breast cancer outcomes: 1990 through 2000. The research was done on fewer than 100 subjects in the United States and Western Europe. The results of this research also includes past projects of 1089 articles of which 230 were included. No single item was used to come to the conclusion of this article. A while ranges of research methodologies were used. The research used limited subjects which to me in some ways show that there is more in the particular are that needs to be studied. Role of Literature review in this research article

The role of literature review in this research is justifying the proposed research activity. The literature review indicates how the project will be different from the one that has been published. The literature review also develops case argument for this proposed study based on the literature that has been reviewed. For example, in this article, the literature review states that patient participation and consumerism in health care decisions that occurred together with the growth in outcomes of care in the last three decades of the 2oth century set the stage for the development of measures that are patient based. These measures were for general breast cancer related issues. The literature also presents the results of Ware et al that presented results that validated a self report of a patient’s measure of general status from a health insurance experiment. This literature review analyses what has been written by other scholars about the subject and critiques it. Also, it identifies a research need, gap or problem that other literature has not solved and seeks ways of solving it. For example, this literature review reports that, despite recent development of quality of life measures for breast cancer, there has been slow and routine incorporation...
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