Risk and Local Safeguarding Teams

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Task 2a

2.1 & 2.2

An individual child or young person may want to do something which could be a risk to their Health and safety. I have a duty of care to that individual and I must do all that I can to keep them safe but I also have a duty to respect the individuals rights and choice, so I have a dilemma.

It could be that the individual no longer wishes to take their medication which the parent/carer has provided , but their care plan states that they need to take it to better their health. I would try to encourage them to take the mediation and explain (depending on age) how I would explain, that it is important to their health and it’s benefits and again advise them of the risks involved in not taking their medication.

In this scenario I would carry out a risk assessment to ensure that it is managed as safely as possible. I would need to explain the risks involved to the individual and make sure they understand. I could encourage the child by offering a drink after they have taken the medication to wash away the medicine taste. I would document the incident including any risk assessment carried out. If the individual still insists not to take the medication I would speak to my supervisor and explain the situation. If I needed to contact the parent/carer I would contact them and explain their child is refusing to take the medication and how will this effect their health and would they need to come in and encourage their child to take the medication

If the individual insists on doing something which is unsafe or risky that is their choice I would respect their right, but I have a duty of care and must do all you can to keep them safe and respect their individual’s rights.

Task 2b

Within my setting I would approach the manager or the lead, supervisor. I would refer to the setting's paperwork - policies, procedures, contract, publications, framework pages, laws and my colleagues.

Where appropriate the...
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