Risk and Human Rights

Topics: Risk, Human rights, Law Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: February 17, 2013
HSC3066 Support Positive Risk Taking For Individuals

Individuals have been discouraged or prevented from taking risks to prevent injuries and to make it easier for staff of the service as they may not be enough staff to assist the service user in the risk they are wanting to take. These individuals may have had medical reasons to have been discouraged or that they are vulnerable in some way i.e. they are young, they have learning difficulties or that they may have an illness that prevents them from taking certain risks.

Human rights based approach supports an individual to make decisions and take risks as it will encourage them knowing it is their right to choose what they do as long as it legal. An example of this may be that a person who has learning difficulties may have been discouraged to have a child however she has her basic human rights that say she can have a child and nobody can physically stop her from doing so.

I have revised the risk assessment with the individual when a parent is not caring for their child appropriately or doing something to harm them i.e. a parent was pushing the pram in a dangerous manor by not crossing the roads correctly and been erratic with the pram, I told the parent this and then wrote it in the report. The social worker would then be the person to review the care plan for the child this may involve in this instance not allowing the parent to go out with the child in the pram again.

In the past I have spoke to a child about the contact with their parents, I have asked them how they are feeling and I talk to them about how it is good to maintain contact with them as this will contribute to the child's well-being by not been away from the parents for too long and not becoming estranged from them as they may be a chance that they go home after social services have finished their assessments and the case has been through court.

In my role I maintain my duty of care by ensuring that the...
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