Risk and Children

Topics: Risk, Childhood, Nursery school Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: April 27, 2013
CU1512 Contribute to Children and Young People’s Health and Safety

2.1. Explain why a safe but challenging environment is important for children and young people. Keeping children safe and stimulated is very important in Early Years setting. For a parent to be able to trust a childcare provider they first need to know that their child will be properly supervised, looked after and kept safe. To minimize the risk for children and for the adults who work in Early Years settings government has introduced Health and Safety at Work Act. This is the legislation which all the employers and staff must follow. There are also The National Standards which all the childcare settings must follow and they are inspected by Ofsted. Children need challenging environment so that they can learn new skills and develop their personalities but they also need to feel safe and protected. Only in a positive environment children can achieve their full potential.

3.1. Identify non-medical incidents and emergencies that may occur in the work setting . Some of the most common non-medical emergencies in the work setting are fire, poisonous gases, flooding of the work premises, terrorist attacks, child abduction, shooting, conflicts amongst employs, loss of some important private information etc. Every childcare practitioner must know what is his/her role in an emergency and where are emergency exit points. It is also very important to remain calm in an emergency and even more so when working with a young children. 6.1. Outline Procedures for infection control in own work setting . In my work setting ( Nursery School 3-5 years old) there is a number of procedures for infection control. We all make sure that all the children and adults wash their hands before eating and drinking and after using toilet. In the case of vomiting or diarrhoea we advice parents / carers not to bring child to the school until 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped. If the child...
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