Rise of the Planet of Apes

Topics: Cruelty to animals, Thought, Chimpanzee Pages: 4 (1270 words) Published: October 13, 2011
The real essence of communication is usually attained when we encounter situations wherein we truly need it the most. As every human being uses communication as a day-to-day form of addressing thoughts and ideas, animals – with their own way of expression, also make use of this as an essential part of their everyday living. And this was perfectly portrayed and further elaborated in the movie “Rise of the Planet of Apes”, which includes the current relation of man towards the animals, the effects of modern technology along with its benefits and disadvantages, and most importantly, the significance of good communication not just to every people, but to animals as well.

The movie is about an ape who happened to be raised by a scientist after his mother died, and soon obtained the same intelligence as of a man, which was a result of an experiment conducted to cure Alzheimer’s disease. The main characters are: Caesar, the ape who was benevolently nurtured by an amiable scientist named Will Rodman; his father, Charles Rodman, who’s been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease; Will’s girlfriend, Caroline, who’s a primatologist and once checked the health condition and treated the injuries of Caesar; and Will’s boss, Steven Jacobs.

The whole movie itself actually captured my heart and indeed, left an unutterable mark in my young mind which only signifies how intensively impressive the movie was. But the most provocative, formidable, and affecting scene which I think, honestly moved me the most, is when Caesar violently attacked the aggravating neighbor in order to protect Mr. Charles Rodman, the currently bewildered father of Will, from being afflicted and threatened by the mad neighbor. Caesar almost scared the man to death, including the other people who lives nearby, which resulted for him to be forcibly removed from Will’s house and be immediately brought by the police into an animal control facility, together with his other fellow apes. This scene almost made...
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