Rise of Islam

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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The Rise of Islam and Its Contributions to World History

Islam has made many contributions to world history, both in its rise and development of a bright and complex culture. More specifically Islam has contributed to the world of modern science, medicine, literature and visual arts, greatly influencing other cultures along the way. Along with contributions to science and intellect, Islam has also contributed to world trade. Each contribution from the Islamic nation has helped shape the world today, moreover Islam has helped advance existing ideas and also created new ones necessary for understand the world. Islam has greatly assisted in shaping modern ideas, and has been rich and sturdy enough to be still a great influence today, making it a key contributor to world history.

Islam is the Muslim religion that believes in the prophecies of Muhammad, the messenger of Allah. The rise of the religion of Islam happened over the period 600 – 900 CE., where “two Arab dynasties, the Umayyads succeeded by the Abbasids, built a vast empire stretching thousands of miles”1. The vastness of their empire encouraged many states to share a single religion, which was Islamic. As the Islamic religious civilization developed it found “influences from Christian theology, Roman and Jewish law, Greek philosophy, as well as Persian and Indian literature and sciences”2. Islam has become a strong religious idea with strict traditions and one way to view the world, which still hold true for many people practicing the Islamic religion today. Islam has contributed to world history through the influence of a very thorough religion as well as on an intellectual and scientific basis. As the Islamic civilization began to develop, the “Abbasid caliphs established an institute for advanced study, to which they invited scholars from across the Islamic world as well as Byzantuim”3. Scholars translated immense amounts of legal documents, philosophical, and literary works from other...
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