Rise Cakes and Starbucks

Topics: Short story, American films, English-language films Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Rice cakes and Starbucks by Esther Freud

Family is an important thing in every person lives. In a family you learn respect for yourself and for other people. You learn about responsibility, duties and solidarity. But most importantly, the family teach you how to love and tolerance other people. With a family you can sometimes find support, while pursuing your dreams. But it can also drain on the family relationship. Dreams can make you stronger or weaker, but you must always remember to thing about your family. Rice cakes and Starbucks written by Esther Freud in 2009 is a short story. The short story is about the main character Dan, he is an actor and married to Beth. The story expands over a week, where the family is in theirs temporarily home in LA. It was originally Beth's idea to move to LA for a half-year, even though Dan isn’t excited about it. He feels that it’s Beth who has put his career on hold, when she slowed him down and made ​​sure that they've got three kids instead of one. Dan and Beth get recommend, to go and look on a house in LA by Dan’s friend. The day where Dan is going to a casting, he would rather be by himself and wait alone at Starbucks. However Beth wants to go, because she doesn’t have the energy to be alone in the house anymore with the children. As the youngest child Grace smatter one Oreo biscuits out on Dan’s suit, he becomes angry, but he agrees anyway to take his entire family into town. The casting seems to be going well, until Dan comes to talking too much about his family and the casting ends. When Dan comes back to his family, who is waiting at Starbucks. He gets a call from his manager, who will have his seven-year-old daughter to play a role. Dan had hoped he had been selected to play a role, and he chooses not to thank yes, but instead to play with his children.

Dan is clearly torn between his family and his career. He wants to be with his family, but on the other hand, both he and his family dependents on...
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