Ripe Figs

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Joslyn Jurado
ENC 1102
Professor Federle
March 7, 2013
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Youth and impatience versus old and patient

In Kate Chopin’s short story “Ripe Figs” the reader gets introduced to two characters, Babette and Maman Nainaine. These two characters stand in sharp contrast with one another. Babette comes off as an impatient child, whiten Maman Nainaine on the other hand is a patient women.

Chopin’s short story clearly contrasts Babettes young mind by being restless and impatient versus Maman Nainaine patience. The reader gets to see the contrast when Babette is described as “restless as a hummingbird” which gives the reader an idea of how impatient she is since humming birds tend to move so quickly that a person cannot even see when their wings are flapping. While on the other hand Maman Nainaine is describes “as patient as the statue of La Madone” which is an interesting image since statues are anything but restless, in fact they never move at all.

The two characters response to wait is made evident in their response to nature. For example, Maman Nainaine tells Babette that she may visit her cousins when they figs have fully ripened, but Babette finds it very difficult to wait patiently until the harvest of the figs at the end of summer. The reader alson learns about the restlessness of Babette when the author reveals when she quotes “everyday Babette dances out to where the fig trees were in a long line against the fence” and “each time she disconsolate again”. This shows that although she knew that she had to wait a long time for the figs to ripen she would still check on them every day. Babettes restlessness and her unwillingness to sit still show how anxious her impatience is making her.

In contrast to Babette, Maman Nainaine is patient enough to wait on the seasons. This shows her ability to be patient and also the maturity she has over Babette. Maman Nainaine’s decision to make Babette wait until the ripening of the figs to go visit her...
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