Rip Curls Business

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  • Published : November 1, 2008
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Indeed Rip Curl has gone from a garage enterprise established by two Victorian surfers into a global business which now employs over 1500 people, with factory outlets all over the world. Rip Curl is a major Australian manufacturer started by two surfers in Torquay producing surfboards from their garden shed, but the business only started to grow when they made the logical step of manufacturing wetsuits. Today Rip Curl produces not only surf gear but also apparel, sunglasses, watches, footwear and backpacks. Rip Curl has become one of the largest board wear brands in Australia, Europe and South America and is growing rapidly in North America. Along the way there have been significant mileposts to do with their exportation of products, position, legal structure and market.

In 1970 they decided to begin production of wetsuits, concentrating to add diving technology into a wetsuit suitable for surfing .In that same year the world surfing title was held in Australia. The International surfers wore Rip Curl wetsuits, and were fond of them; as they aided them in performing well. The professional Surfers ordered them to be sent overseas. This started the overseas demand. In 1979, they exported products to America. Two years later in 1981, a rip curl factory was opened in California. In 1990 Rip Curl made under licenses in USA, Brazil, France, and Japan. 10 years later 2000 rip Curl firmly established internationally in Australia, Europe and USA.

To wider there market, Rip curl made the decision of introducing waterproof watches, as they were at a high demand in 1987. This was an in house design. Subsequently, various surf wear was introduced and then snow gear. Rip Curl had broadened its market and was very successful. Rip Curl factories opened in the developing countries, as the labour is cheaper, but other factors were quality, timely delivery, scale, and geographical convenience.

As Rip Curl’s popularity grew, Counterfeiting became a massive...
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