Riots - Big Brother Isn't Watching You

Topics: Youth, Police, Young Pages: 3 (935 words) Published: February 24, 2013
“A wild or turbulent disturbance created by a large number of people”, this is one of the many definitions available when you search for the word “Riot”. Some definitions state that the ruckus is created because a group of people have a common purpose. What is general through all of these definitions is that words like noisy, violent, arson, disorder and disturbance all reoccure. If people have a common goal for wanting to shed light on something, then how come they find it necessary to use violence to get their beliefs across? Isn’t that a bit old fashioned and caveman-ish? In August last year, London suffered through a great deal of riots, they were all over the city, and they gained a lot of attention from the rest of the world. London is usually a very civil place, and people often think of the English politeness, this however did not fit into the image of the English gentlemen. Shops were destroyed, things were lit on fire and some people even died. The question is; why did this have to happen? In the article “Big brother isn’t watching you” the author, Russel Brand, presents the idea that it all might have been a response to the unjust killing of a young man, by a police officer. The young man whose name was Mark Duggan, was also a black man, this created a whole new level of controversy to the mix. Was it a sign of the London police’s hatred of black people? Had such an racist act really taken place right under peoples noses? It’s hard to say whether or not the crime really just was a mistake, or there were some underlying racist feelings behind it, the case hasn’t even been closed yet. No matter the answer to this it was enough to lit fire to a pile of dried out branches, who were just waiting to be used. It’s not the first time London has experienced problems with the different ethnic groups, an issue which had been suppressed for some time, the death of Mark Duggan acted as a sort of catalyst for people to take up the fight they had been waiting for....
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