Riot in Singapore

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Employment Relationship in Asia

How does organization manage human in a country? In Singapore, MOM (Ministry of Manpower is the government body. They outline what are the DO and DON’T. They state the bare minimum standards for employers to follow.

For eg,
* An employee must be entitled to 7 days of Annual Leave in a year * CPF contribution must be paid to part-time employees if they earn more than $500 If an employee has an appointed union, he/she should go to the union if there are any problems. Alternatively, if he/she do not have an union, please proceed directly to MOM. -------------------------------------------------

Labour Relation Process – Tripartite System (3 Party System) * Government
* Union
* Management
Whenever there are changes to be made, these 3 parties will sit down and have a discussion.

Conditions to be applied:
1. Legitimate Rights (Between Employees & Unions)
* In Singapore, 1 group can only be represented by 1 union. (No multiple unions) 2. Negotiations (Collective Bargaining)
3. Administration Process
* System
* Structure
* Procedures

Conflicts between employees and leaders are caused by work rules. Impasse happens when Union and Employers cannot reach an agreement: * Arbitrator – The person who makes the final decision
* Mediator – The person who listen to the key points and help parties to reach an agreement


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A successful labour relationship process involves these steps:

1. Conflict of interest (Employers VS Employees)
* Employers wants motivated employees
* Employees want organizations to be profitable
2. Democratic Rights of Employees
* Their rights to participate and speak up on work issues on what they are unhappy with 3. Collective Bargaining
* Pick a knowledgeable leader with...
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