Riordan Manufacturing Strategic Plan

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Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization Strategic Plan
Strategic planning considered one of the important factors to be considered by organizations seeking to improve business and process within the current organization scope. Riordan Manufacturing Inc. has become a global leader in the area of plastic injection molding with state-of-the-art design capabilities. Currently Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is looking to develop and implement a strategic plan for the organization to improve process, operation, and procedures within the company’s day-to-day work load. Within this paper team C will discuss the reasons why Riordan Manufacturing needs to develop a strategic plan by elaborating on the following reasons: environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, evaluation, and control. Why a Strategic Plan is needed

In any successful business, a strategic plan is important to for the company to follow. A strategic plan allows short term and long term goals to be reached. Riordan is a worldwide company that targets customers interested in creating a unique manufacturing plastic for different purposes. The different purposes can include auto parts for manufacturers, appliance manufactures, and beverage makers and bottlers. For Riordan, the company will use the strategic plan to overcome sales and have a competitive advantage. Riordan manufacturing is a well-established business with several strategic plan steps to follow for best results from the company. The strategic plan includes five steps. The five steps are getting ready, articulating mission, and vision, assessing the situation, developing strategies, goals, and objectives, and completing the written plan (University of Phoenix, 2012). Step one has many tasks that need to be performed before any of the other steps continue. In step one, there are five tasks that include identify specific issues or choices that the planning process should address clarify roles, create a Planning Committee, develop an organizational profile, and identify the information that must be collected to help make sound decisions (Namac, 2012). When planning for step one it is crucial that the company can communicate what roles each individual has. This will give the employees a goal that each should accomplish before moving on to the next strategic step. Riordan manufacturing has a budget that the company works with. The budget should be maintained daily. This will help the company to not overspend and save money for advertising. The purpose of step two is to ask companies how they can be successful and what sort of accomplishments the company is looking to achieve. This will help the strategic plan by allowing the company to research the goals of the organization. The mission of Riordan Manufacturing is to ensure that it remains an industry leader in the plastic manufacturing business and provides solutions to the existing customer base while expanding (Tavangaran, 2012). The business aspect of step two is to what method the management process is fulfilling. Riordan manufacturing focuses on making the customers believe that the purchase is unique. While planning the strategic plan it is important for the management to know the values and express the values to the customers. The values of Riordan manufacturing examine the principles and beliefs that guide an organization's members as they pursue the organization's purpose (Namac, 2012). The customers are an important focus in the Riordan manufacturing business and will bring back future business. The purpose of step three is to assess the situation. In step three, Riordan manufacturing to determine product quality. The products of Step three include: a database of quality information that can be used to make decisions and a list of critical issues that demand a response from the organization (Namac, 2012). In a company such as Riordan manufacturing, determining the strengths and weaknesses of the company is important....
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