Riordan Manufacturing Pt 1

Topics: Project management, Term, Time Pages: 3 (775 words) Published: March 31, 2013
BSA375 Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 1
Joshua J. Farmer
March 25, 2013

• Key Stakeholders
Of the majority of the stakeholders at Riordan Manufacturing, the focus would be on those most influential to the process change and those that will have direct use of the new system. Those individuals are CEO Michael Riordan, Executive Assistant Jan McCall, SVP-RD Kenneth Collins, COO Hugh McCauley, VP international operations Charles Williamson, IT service managers. In addition to the above listed key stakeholders, the individual users of the final app will be consulted for input and revisions per the information gathering steps.

• Information-Gathering
Collection of the requirements to aid in the completion of the system will be a ten part process to ensure that the system and processes are workable and answer the demand set forth by SR-Rm-004. These processes are outlined below but are in no way set in procedural number and can be repeated numerous times or omitted based on current requirement status. 1. One-on-one interviews: sit down with the key stakeholders individually and receive input as to the solution sought and possible methods to achieve it. 2. Group interviews: focus on the departments and meet with the key individuals from the same department to get their input as a group effort. 3. Facilitated sessions: useful stage used only when there seems no cohesive solution can be found from both meeting stages above. 4. Joint application development (JAD): this stage will keep the group interview session together until a solution is agreed upon. 5. Questionnaires: are a viable way to gather information and input from the key stakeholders who are in remote locations so that they are part of the requirements and solution gathering. 6. Prototyping: create a working version of the solution for testing and refinement. 7. Use cases: create a story about how the...
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