Riordan Manufacturing Project Sr-Rm-002

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Riordan Manufacturing Project


Team B has obtained information for SR-rm-002 asking for an assessment for the development of an MRP system that would trace and run raw materials and give a finished product inventory. This evaluation is to help Riordan Manufacturing lessen the raw materials received at each plant, and manage and reduce the completed good inventory costs, at all its plants. This is a high level complete analysis, which will result in projected changes to the system; though it does not include an all-inclusive schedule for completion nor thorough scope by department. This paper will illustrate the system development life cycle process for developing a Material Requirement Planning system in Riordan Manufacturing.

Mission and History

The mission and history or Riordan Manufacturing is to be able to focus on the Six Sigma, which is the leading edge R&D and exceeding ISO 9000 standards which define the attitude and abilities. They want to remain the leading industry in the manufacturing department. They want to be able to remain on good terms with their customers and be able to resolve any issues they may have without any further problems. Team work is very important to Riordan and they strive to keep the employees happy and know that working together is the key to a happy work place. Knowing they will always have room for growth, they want to be able to maintain their professionalism and keep their clientele happy. The company was founded by Dr. Riordan in 1991 and initially planned on being a research and development company. Later on down the road he bought a manufacturing plant and has expanded his business throughout the United States and China("Riordan manufacturing,"2003, 2004, 2006).

Statement of scope and goals

Our first goal of this proposal is to simplify the inventory process by implementing more efficient methods of inventory control, tracking the inventory at every major step in the production process, and automating the accounts payable with the accounts receivable. The second goal of this proposal is to coordinate the ordering of raw materials to coincide with the need for production output. Thirdly, we want to improve communication and coordination between all four plants. And finally, another goal of this proposal is to illustrate how to develop, or purchase a program for material requirements planning to reduce costs and decrease the time between the purchase of raw materials and the shipment of the finished products. In summary, the goals of this project are to increase production efficiency, and reduce inventory costs, while tracking the progress of the raw materials to the end result of the finished products as they are shipped to the customers. This team's proposal will reveal the needs and challenges faced by Riordan Manufacturing, as well as some possible recommendations for solutions, improvements and upgrades. Supporting Measures for success

In order to objectively judge the success of any changes to Riordan's process of receiving raw goods and tracking finished inventory products, it is necessary to institute a system by which improvements can be tangibly measured. These measurements will need to be relatively easy for stakeholders to read and understand, particularly so for those individuals who must approve this proposed project.

Project Feasibility
The MRP project is not only feasible, it should be recommended. However, it must be totally and seamlessly integrated with the new Finance and Accounting system. A well designed MRP-II system will integrate the current material resource planning systems of each plant with Finance and Accounting and will automate functions which are currently being done by hand. Current Business Process

Riordan Manufacturing is a plastic...
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