Riordan Manufacturing Problem Solution

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Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing
Gina Lembeck
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing
The Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing is created because Riordan Manufacturing is afflicted with the inability to arrive at a solution to the decline in employee morale and work ethic. Many members of the Executive Team have come forth with the concept of merely restructuring the pay and benefits to retain top employees. However, some members of the team feel this may not fully resolve the problems facing the company as the Satisfaction Survey revealed more underlying issues. The company hired a consultant, Barbara Masterson, to objectively review the compensation system and suggest recommendations. The result of Barbara’s consultation was a list of employee grievances that are intertwined with the compensation system, but are also the result of other issues the company is failing to recognize. The following problem solution identifies a problem statement based on the issues and opportunities represented in Table 1 and the stakeholder perspectives represented in Table 2. The problem statement is not a solution, but rather reflects a range of possible solutions the company can use in solving the problem. The possible range of solutions is identified throughout the development of alternative solutions and into the implementation of a possible plan designed to mitigate risks while taking into account the end-state goals. Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification
The issues and opportunities for Riordan Manufacturing are the result of past events leading up to the problem currently facing the company. Riordan Manufacturing is suffering from the inability to identify the leading causes for a decline in employee morale and work ethic. Employee turnover rates have increased and overall job satisfaction has declined. The Satisfaction Survey has led to some revealing opinions about the feelings of employees in regard to the working environment, availability of opportunities at the company, and the pay and benefits (Scenario: Riordan Manufacturing, n.d.).

The Executive Team is leaning more heavily on revamping the pay systems, but is neglecting the underlying issues employees are dealing with at the company. After the implementation of the new strategies, job expectations are unclear and new hires are starting out at more than what internal promotions offer existing employees. The Executive Team lacks consistency in defining what the primary concerns should be and there is a complete lack of interpersonal intelligence among managers (Scenario; Riordan Manufacturing, n.d.). Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The main stakeholders in the Riordan Manufacturing scenario are the Executive Team and the employees. In Table 2, the perspectives of each stakeholder have been identified to reveal any conflicting rights or interests that may lead to ethical dilemmas. The foremost conflict resides in the rights of both stakeholder groups pertaining to the successful integration of competitive advantages and strategic changes necessary for continued growth. On the executive level, this means growth and expansion in the industry. On the employee level, this means growth and expansion in the company. The ethical dilemma derived from the conflicts is based on the assumption that one stakeholder group can benefit based on the efforts of the other. Simply, the Executive Team can achieve growth and expansion without ensuring the same opportunity is provided for the employees. Problem Statement

Riordan Manufacturing will enhance the company’s competitive advantage by aligning employee motivation with performance based initiatives.

End-State Vision
Riordan Manufacturing has discovered the answer to becoming the leader in the industry… by recognizing the importance of employee satisfaction and how...
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