Riordan Manufacturing Hr System

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  • Published : May 31, 2010
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Implementation Plan
A successful ERP Implementation Plan involves several steps. These steps include Project Planning, Architectural Design, Data Collection, and Testing (Raj, 2010). In addition, Training is a very important the implementation plan. During the project planning phase, deciding on project goals, project costs, and communication about deadlines and resources. Within the architectural design phase, decisions on programming languages or vendor selection are made. Data collection is the next phase according to Raj (2010). This phase includes collecting data elements important to the business and putting them into a format that can be loaded into the database. The next phase is the testing phase. The testing phase includes, unit testing on a tester’s machine, system testing in the QA environment, and user acceptance testing. The final phase of the implementation plan is Training. Training the users on the new system allows the user find ease with the system. Information System Development Method (ISDM)

Information System Development Method (ISDM) includes several phases of which the Implementation phase is one. During the Implementation phase, all the necessary tasks are completed to make sure the solution is operational. The systems team will use an extreme programming (XP) methodology approach and develop the ISD project to support the financial department so that all recruiters, managers, training and development managers, payroll clerks, compensation manager, and employee relations manager can access, input, and modify data pertaining to the employees. The new generation of the HRIS system for Riordan Manufacturing will provide a centralized resume repository, maintain training and development records for new and existing employees, track FMLA/ADA files, and allow employee interaction to update information electronically. Architectural Design

Spiral Model
According to (Proper, 1994), XP address end-users participation and...
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