Riordan Manufacturing Executive Summary

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Riordan Manufacturing Executive Summary
Ryan Schnabel
The University of Phoenix
CIS 319 Computer & Information Processing
Dave Karpinsky
March 24, 2005

Executive Summary:

As a Fortune 1000 enterprise, and an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding, Riordan Manufacturing, offers state-of-the art plastics design capabilities through its facilities in San Jose, California; Albany, Georgia; Pontiac, Michigan; and Hang Zhou, China. Currently, Riordan's COO, Hugh McCauley, and the executive team have requested changes to the current information system used to maintain inventory and manufacturing processes. Evaluation of current Sales, Inventory, and Manufacturing processes will be required as well as the evaluation of current hardware and software. The present networking system requires improvements and, thanks to today's technology can easily be upgraded. The outdated information system and methods could potentially place Riordan Enterprises at a competitive disadvantage in the near future. The present computing process is a time consuming, labor intense process of consolidating the General Ledger in order to produce monthly income statements and balance sheets. Riordan Enterprises currently spends fifteen to twenty days to generate and deliver these reports to the corporate office, which causes an overall inefficiency. Because there have been major developments in information systems technology that Riordan Enterprises has yet to utilize, the corporate headquarters in San Jose, California, Finance, and Accounting have authorized improvements to the existing information system for all Riordan Enterprise locations. New and improved hardware and software networking solutions will be required for this company to move into the 21st century as an industry leader. In addition, while looking for an effective and efficient database application and database use, a Windows based application would be preferable for use by all areas of the organization to allow for an easy information flow. The new hardware and software networking systems would also be beneficial to this organization because a database with a large storage capability as well as having a timely running process would improve day to day operations of this organization. However, important consideration would have to be given to improvements on security issues, focusing on unauthorized access detection via the Web and at the organizational level. Purpose of project

The sole purpose of this project is to advance and streamline Riordan Enterprise's inventory and manufacturing processes by introducing a new cost effective way for all company locations to communicate and deliver their critical data in a timely efficient manner. Riordan Enterprises should explore and then utilize available technological advancements in system tracking products in order to remain competitive in today's marketplace. Stakeholders involved.

The main stakeholders involved with this project will include the following departments and personnel. The Finance and Accounting division will participate in the organizing the General Ledgers and monthly income statements. The Sales, Marketing and Inventory divisions will participate in communicating the needs and processes of ordering, material supply, and product delivery. The IT department will make recommendations based on department needs and corporate demands to improve eficientcy and advance the current computing system with a re-engineering plan and appropriate time lines. Business requirements of service request:

The main request is for Riordan Enterprises to implement a computer system which would improve company performance and become more efficient. The current system is outdated and in desperate need of repair and replacement. By upgrading to a new computerized platform, Riordan Enterprises will be in a better position to compete in today's marketplace. It is imperative for the survival of this...
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