Riordan Business Model Implementation Plan

Topics: Supply chain management, Inventory, Management Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: July 22, 2012
This plan will map out the supply chain structure needed for Riordan to implement the manufacturing of the new perfume bottles at the Hermasillo, Mexico plant. Phase 1 will utilize the business model implementation plan to design a detailed supply chain process flow for Riordan. While Phase 2 looks at the demand increase pushing Riordan out of its current facility and into the Hermasillo, Mexio facility that the company just purchased. Phase 3 identifies strategic and tactical trends that could affect Riordan's supply chain design, domestically and internationally. Each of these phases presents a new set of challenges and opportunities within the company's supply chain. Phase 1

Process Flow Diagram

Because of the market research conducted, Riordan Manufacturing has decided to create plastic perfume bottles with unusual designs for a Canadian perfume manufacturer. The supply chain created demonstrates how the perfume bottles will be created, packaged and provided to the customers from beginning to end. Cycle Times

Riordan will receive the raw materials that are required to create these plastic bottles along with the perfume from the Canadian perfume manufacturers. Once received, these materials will be sent over to manufacturing to be assembled. Shipping from the supplier to the manufacturing site should take about 5-7 business days. The manufacturing of the plastic bottles will take Riordan approximately 7-10 days to complete. Both the perfume and bottles will be sent down to packaging. In packaging the bottles will be filled with the perfume, sealed, boxed, placed in cases of 24, and loaded onto pallets. Any overage will be shipped to the warehouse where it will be recorded and remain stored until needed for future use. Upon receipt of the next order the inventory manager will report what he or she currently has in-stock and order just the supplies that are needed to fill that order from the suppliers, while maintaining an emergency inventory...
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