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Robert Harvey
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The Rock and Roll Story of Ringo Starr
Ringo Starr is an amazing drummer who deserves his place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. His real name is Richard Starkley. He was born on July 7th, 1940. His parents were Richard Starkley, a dock worker turned bakery owner, and Elise Starkley, a bakery worker (Ringo Starr Amazon.com). His father left the family when Ringo, then Richard, was only three (Ringo Starr Amazon.com). As a child Ringo was very sick and accident prone (Ringo Starr Amazon.com). He had two extended stays in the hospital by the age of 16 (Ringo Starr Amazon.com). He had many odd jobs and an injury at one of them inspired Ringo to follow his dream and become a drummer (Ringo Starr Amazon.com). Ringo was married twice once to Maureen Cox with whom he had three children: Zac, Jason, and Lee. They divorced and he was remarried to Barbara Bach to whom he is still married today (Ringo Starr Soylent communications).He is best known as the drummer for the band the Beatles, but he has released solo albums and has toured with several of his All Starr bands (Newspage Ringo Starr.com). Ringo Starr deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because he was the first popular rock drummer and he changed the way people think about drummers. Ringo was in many bands before the Beatles, but he did not have any classical training. Ringo, interested in drumming as a child tapped the beat to any song he heard (Edgers 22). During his second stay in the hospital, Ringo got his start playing drums in Harvey 2

the hospital band (Edgers 22). When he got home from the hospital, he made a drum set from cookie tins and drumsticks out of firewood (Edgers 23-24). His step-father bought him his first drum set when he was 18 (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com). He practiced a lot and formed his own band called the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Group (Edgers 24, 25). They played on breaks at his pipe fitting job (Edgers 24, 25). He bounced around from band to band and eventually became the drummer for Roy Storm and the Hurricanes (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com). During this time he got his nickname for the rings he wore and his drum solo which was called “Starr Time” (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com). Ringo first met the Beatles in Hamburg, Germany where he joined the band temporally while their then regular drummer Pete Best was away (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com). On August 10th, 1962, Ringo joined the Beatles permanently for 25 pounds a week (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com). Ringo had the worst childhood of all the Beatles and had to overcome many obstacles. Ringo grew up very poor and very sick in Liverpool, England (Ringo Starr a+e networks). Ringo’s first stay in the hospital was caused by a ruptured appendix. He was rushed into surgery and slipped into a comma afterwards (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com). When he came out of the coma 10 days later he was trying to give a toy to a boy in another bed and he fell and got a concussion which prolonged his absence from a school a full year (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com). At the age of 8, he could barely read or write but the neighbor girl Mary Maguire helped him catch up. She often sat and read newspapers to him (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com). At the age of 13, Ringo caught a cold that turned into chronic pleurisy. This time his absence from school lasted two years (Ringo Harvey 3

beatlesnumber9.com). Ringo was not classically trained because of his time in the hospital (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com).This lack of training created his very left-handed way of playing a right handed drum set and his signature grip known today around the world as “matched grip” (Ringo beatlesnumber9.com). Ringo and his fellow Beatles were influenced by many different American artists. On May 7th, 2000, Ringo was asked who influenced his drumming. He replied straight away, “Gene Krupa”, the great American jazz drummer second only to Buddy Rich (Ringo and his All Starr band...
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