Rimowa Marketing Case Study

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Marketing Case Study RIMOWA
Marketing Strategies
RIMOWA is a medium-sized German company that manufactures mainly exclusive aluminium suitcases with an identifying brand-feature of groove pattern on which they hold a patent. The cases get assembled manually in numerous production steps and offer a high-end product in an upper price segment. RIMOWA therefore pursues a benefit-oriented differentiation strategy. As this enterprise is known for its high quality products and has been quite successful with it over the past years, which shows their double-digit sales growth figures, it wouldn’t make any sense to change the marketing strategy to a price-oriented one. As for the segmentation strategy, RIMOWA’s consumers are travellers like usual holidaymakers or frequent business travellers from many countries with a mainly high income and a quality-consciousness. Their products have a rare to frequent usage and enjoy a positive consumer attitude with a strong loyalty and high satisfaction. The company has a clear unique selling preposition due to their mainly aluminium made suitcases with remarkable groove pattern which serve to identify the brand immediately without having to look for the label on the case. In my opinion, RIMOWA doesn’t need much to change its segmentation strategy. The aspects fit their target group. However having already special models for photographers and reporters, I would suggest to add musicians to the demographic segment. These professionals would invest money in good protection for their expensive instruments and hence make a good target group for RIMOWA. I would also consider taking young wealthy people into the demographic consumer aspects. Young jetsetters might regard travelling with RIMOWA suitcases psychographically as a lifestyle or to be more exact as a must have. To meet RIMOWA’s growth objectives we have to look at the Ansoff strategies as well. It is possible to penetrate the current market by finding new customers like above...
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