Rimbun Jungle in Pahang

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Rimbun Jungle somewhere at Pahang is a very famous jungle for those who like to spend their time camping, hiking and also jungle tracking. I like to spend my time camping with my best friend forever. Her name is Azizah. Luckily, we share a same interest in spending our time to get close with nature. Azizah studied about nature science so that is way she love mother earth. But, it is different with me because I like to release my tension with spending my time at jungle because when I get close to the nature I could find a peace from there. Whatever the reason, we are always together because of our friendship is stronger than everything in this world. I still remember two years ago, I went to the Rimbun Jungle for camping with her because I want to spend my semester break and tried to help her finish her assignment about wild plant that we can found in that jungle. When we arrived at the jungle, we quickly searched a nice place to set up our tent. Azizah told me that she had found such a great place that we never discover yet. Although, the place was far than usual and quiet lonely I still agreed with her because I just want to try something new. But for the first time my heart feeling that something bad will happen. However, I just hope that nothing will happen. Azizah suddenly become moody than usual, she will get mad if I made mistake. She was a very kind, lovely and caring person. I never expect that she will change although I made a small mistake. Nobody was perfect in this world. So, I try to talk with her but she refused to listen. We get fight each other. Then, she picked up her stuff and go away from the place. At the moment, I feel so regret because I said something that made her angry with me. I supposed to be careful and tried to make her comfortable with me. ‘I am sorry’ that was the word that always playing around of my head. I feel so worried about her...
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