Rim Executive Summary

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Research In Motion

RIMM- Invest +

RIM has been facing massive problems ranging from top executives leaving the company to patent suits. Instead of washing its dirty lien in public has taken a stand to remain silent and progress among all chaos. To revive the company’s reputation, T horsten Heins took over as CEO in Jan. 2012 . After h e declared the Earnings report & a nnounced the release of OS BB10 on 25 September’2012 , the company’s shares have started to increase in value a gain.

Adjusted EPS



$ 2.47 Billion

$ 2.9 Billion

$ 43 Million(+)




7.8 Million

7.4 Million

0.4 Million

The stock is soaring after-hours, rising as much as 16%
RIM's brought in $432 million in cash-flow from
operations for the quarter. Its total cash is $2.3 billion,
a $100 million increase.

It is apparent that RIM if at all it starts progressing again after BB10 release will need a long time to reposition itself back to glory days. But blackberry have had so much to deliver to its customers from “PUSH -Technology” to end-toend security to now placement and integration of fuel cells in its devices which enables the blackberry to recharge itself. These amazing features are unique . Even more unique is the fact that not a single blackberry phone has been hacked till date which makes Blackberry the safest smart -phones among its competitors. Aware consumers have high expectations from BB10 which even provides multi -language s upport in a single text message.

P age 2

Research In Motion

RIMM- Invest +

 Rim must work on 3 areas to help position itself back to zenith days: Internal Management, Timeline adherence, new innovations and patents.
 For i nvestors , it is the perfect time to invest in RIMM shares, either the company stand high again or it will be...
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