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The Dependables
“Your stocks are our business”

BlackBerry’s Rise in Brand Power
The Duelling Marketing Strategies of RIM versus Apple

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RIM and Apple are the two main companies in the smartphone market. RIM currently has a majority of the corporate and business professional portion of the market while Apple has a larger share of the mainstream consumer market with their new iPhone4. Problem

How will BlackBerry successfully maintain the market place as well as grow against Apple’s growing success? Assumptions
-The BlackBerry is entering the prime phase in its product life cycle -RIM/Apple will continue to expand new product lines and services -RIM/Apple will continue to expand into foreign markets and build new partnerships -There will be an increase in the number of different competitors -Demand for smartphones will increase

-New functions/features will be added to future BlackBerries -RIM/Apple will continue to partner up with software developers and add new applications Research
RIM (BlackBerry)
-Canadian telecommunication and wireless device company, best known as the company that developed the BlackBerry smartphone -Main headquarters located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
-Founded in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis (President, Founder, co-CEO), Jim Balsillie (co-CEO) -Launched the BlackBerry smartphone in 1999 as a 2 way pager -BlackBerry commands a 20.8% share of worldwide smartphone sales - 2009, 34.5 million sold representing 20% market share

-BlackBerry internet service is available in 91 countries worldwide on over 500 mobile service operators -BlackBerry models: Electron, Pearl, Pearl Flip, 88XX, Curve, Bold, Storm, Storm 2, Torch - The company’s revenue reached a value of $11 billion between 2005 and 2009 with 92% being generated outside North America -RIM has grown by expanding into foreign markets where it held 18.7 percent of the global smartphone market share in 2009. -BlackBerry Torch costs approx. $183 to make per unit

APPLE (iPhone)
-Founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne -Main headquarters located in Cupertino, California, US
-Apple has many products such as (Mac – Pro, Mini, iMac, MacBook, Air, and Pro) -iPod (Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch)
-iPhone (original, 3G/3GS, 4), iPad, Apple TV
- In 2009, 25 million iPhone units were sold, 14% market share -Revenue in 2009, 42.91 billion, profit 8.24 billion
-2010 market share, 14.2% share of worldwide smartphone sales -First Apple product sold called the Apple I, was an assembled circuit board -iPhone 4 costs approx. $188 to make per unit. It’s made in China General Smartphone Statistics

-2008, over 151 million smartphones sold
-2009, over 175 million smartphones sold
-2008 2009, 15% increase in units sold
-2009, smartphones accounted for 172.4 million (14%) of the 1.211 billion mobile phones sold that year. That's 23.8% more smartphone sales than in 2008 -2010 figures, smartphoness represented 61.6 million (19%) of the 325.6 million mobile phones sold, a sales increase of over 50% on Q2 2009. -The Coda Research Consultancy predict global smartphone sales of some 2.5 billion over the 2010-2015 period, and also suggest that mobile internet use via smartphoness will increase 50 fold by the end of that period. - Gartner expects over 500 million smartphones to sell in 2012.

Mobile OS 2010 Market Share Mobile OS 2009 Market Share

Competitive Analysis

BlackBerry is the leader in business smartphoness; iPhone targets people who seek media. Apple has stronger foundation and capital to support its after-sale services, but up to this point none of BlackBerry’s competitors come even close to this functionality...
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