Rim Analysis

Topics: Research In Motion, BlackBerry, Smartphone Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Research in Motion (RIM) Analysis
The company Research in Motion (RIM) has had several quarters of decreasing revenue. As the article states, the price per share of RIM is at about $10. Three years ago this company’s price per share was at an astounding $140. Investors’ expectations of the company are also affecting the company. If analysts do not expect revenue to increase from previous periods, consumers and investors are less likely to invest in the company. One of the reasons RIM’s revenue has been decreasing is because of lack of innovation. Consumers rather have a new and exciting product. They no longer want phones like the Blackberry that includes less features. Blackberrys have not changed very much throughout the years and that is why they are less desirable. Even though the Blackberry Storm and was directed in competing with devices such as the Apple iPhone, it could not compete. The Blackberry Storm had hardware and software issues that were too complex for the company to overcome. Another reason why RIM is struggling can be blamed on top management. The former co­CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie have been somewhat blamed for the weaknesses that the company is now trying to deal with. Blackberry 10 fell too far behind schedule and now companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple are coming out with new phones left and right. The three companies are competing with one another for as much of the market share as they possibly can. All three companies have innovative products that are engaging and different. Blackberry is known as one of the first phones to offer email on the go. New devices such as the new Windows phone, Google’s G3, and the Apple’s iPhone have integrated email, Internet, cameras, apps, and much more. The demand for these innovative features is an opportunity that RIM should incorporated into their Blackberry. If they do so, they could possibly see an increase in their profits again. RIM’s competitors Microsoft, Google, and Apple...
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