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  • Published : August 29, 2013
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Dear Brian,

`I apologize for the delayed response to your letter but I have been very busy in my moving preparations and needed time to seek counsel on this matter. At this time I will not sign the document you provided because I in no way agree with the terms. You have put forth a proposal that is not feasible for me to comply with. As you know, I have recently begun doing missions work and I will not have any source of income for at least one year. In addition, I no longer have the insurance coverage which you previously received payment from. Because I am a single mother, graduate student, and missionary your proposal offers not only a heavy burden but an almost unimaginable task to complete. We can never say what ones financial situation will be in the future, therefore your terms leave me incredibly vulnerable to not receiving the services that were initially offered. When I left the dentist chair it was agreed that the crowns and bridge would be redone do to the aesthetics of them. It was not until after I requested discounted services for my inconvenience that I was informed I would be dismissed as a patient. I was truly bothered when I realized I had been misquoted in saying, “It better be perfect.” Because this is not my typical word usage I was certain I did not say this. After reflection I realized that the assistant did not lie but misunderstood me. This is what actually happened.

When the wax mold of my partial was presented to me I was very clear in telling the assistant it did not fit well and I was unable to fully close my mouth. Her response expressed that since it was close enough and we would proceed. Turned out the mold was not close enough and resulted in two hours of adjustments being made without success. The assistant offered to allow me to eat and come back. I saw no value in doing that as eating was not going to improve the fit of the partial. At some point we were both tired from the process, my jaw was extremely sore,...
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