Rigit Pavement Roads

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PESTEL analysis of Rigid pavement:
Its overall remit is set with parliament with transport policy the responsibility of the department for transport. Political factor therefore play a key role in shaping the roads. The parliament has a duty to spent money wisely and cost effectively through parliament. Tax payers’ money maintains the road network and tax payers have a right to know that how their money is spent. The government sets the policy for the roads construction but a change in government policy could switch resources away and many of the resources are misused. As we know that the political conditions of the Pakistan is not always stable and the factor of corruption always exists in the projects that are issued by government. So whenever the tender is issued by government, it plays in the same hands by paying bribe to the related politicians. The money which is allocated for the making of RCC (reinforcement cement concrete) is distributed among politicians. The actual money is not completely used on these projects. And that is why the rigid pavement or RCC roads are not very much used in Pakistan. Economic:

The overall cost of the rigid pavement roads are very much high as compared to flexible roads (bitumen molded asphalt). The economic condition of Pakistan does not allow us to invest a high amount of money on one time. Therefore rigid pavements roads are not highly appreciated by the authorities. Its initial cost is higher than any other type of road, so it is not considerable as other roads. And the other factor is that is does not requires maintenance shortly but when it requires, a large amount of money is needed. A single carriage way of RCC is constructed from Babusabu to Thokar, for heavy traffic. Social:

As we know that the transportation of Pakistan is uncivilized and uncertain. There are approximately 10 different type of way of transportation on our roads which may be a cause of high destruction of roads. To handle these types of transportations, the rigid pavement roads are the best structure for our country because it has more strength to bear the burdens. The industrial areas demand rigid pavement roads, because most of the heavy traffic is used for the transportation of heavy machinery and other industrial products. As heavy traffic is also a part of the Pakistani transport and is used for most of the industrial transportation, destroys the other flexible roads and in this way is a cause of the great problem for the other low weight transportation. The rigid pavement (RCC) is used in dry ports on Pak-India border for the transportation of heavy weight vehicles. Technological:

As we know that rigid roads are the oldest type of pavement in our country. In early days the constructions of rigid roads are done by labors from crushing the rocks till the compaction of road. But now a days, as technology advances manufacturing plants are now available which plays a vital role from mixing the material to compacting the pavement. Now with the help of new and advanced technology, the rigid pavement structure can be completed 10 times faster, which will reduce the cost of the project. The onetime cost of the new technology may be higher but in the long run, the cost is minimized as the time is minimized and in the same way the expenses of the labor is also minimized. Environmental:

Rigid pavement is not very much effected by weather. It has more strength to bare the weather effects as compare to other types of road. And is very much appreciated in rural areas where there is a lot of dust and water is always found on roads. So these waste materials do not effect rigid pavement as compared to other flexible pavement. Legal:

The laws are made for the road construction companies and they have to follow those laws which are strictly implemented by government. PESTEL analysis of Flexible pavement:
The government plays an important role in the making of flexible pavement or...
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