Rigid Packaging Industry

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Packaging and India
Unlike many other major industries which create wealth conventionally Packaging industry plays a unique role by creating wealth through a vast range of manufacturing activities and it also preserves the value of many other products manufactured by various industry sectors. Packaging, was not just considered to be a protective and sealing element in the industry, it is a branding platform that can be absolutely used by a company in today‟s modern economic world. A unique packing by itself attracts more sales than a retro or ordinary packing. Packaging has a close relationship with an Indian consumer. A packaging material at times turns to a daily life utility to an average Indian family. Best example can be viewed in a re-used detergent packing box which is used for ever in a household in various applications. A Castrol lubricant can is used as a water container in many situations, and that is India. A consumer‟s relation with packaging industry is more than just „use and throw.‟

In Indian economy, packaging industry served more than just a huge value addition and employment involved, it helped preserving product quality and elongated the shelf life of uncountable product ranges from milk to biscuits, medicines to drugs, processed foods, vegetables and fruits, edible oil, electronic appliances and also industrial machinery which need transportation. India, which is a seriously developing nation, has no room to compromise in terms of packaging where the major concentration has to be on product development and quality handling. Water packaging, which is universally a great concern, was strictly followed by many water supplier companies in India.

Most of the times, market share is determined by the extent of packing a consumer product in a manner that meet the criteria of safety, convenience and attractiveness. In the aggregate, packaging as a sectoral activity boosts consumption and economic growth. Heightened competition in all product...
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