Rights of Woman

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  • Topic: Woman, Virtue, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman
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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Mark Jason Manalang Manalang 1
British History II
Michael D. Hole
04 April 2013
Assignment #2
1)Mary Wollstonecraft believes that society has trained women to “act” like animals and are seen as perpetual children. She mentions that “Women are told from their infancy, and taught by the example of their mothers, that a little knowledge of human weakness, justly termed cunning, softness of temper, outward obedience, and a scrupulous attention to a puerile kind of propriety, will obtain them for them the protection of man; and should they be beautiful, everything else is needless..” (Wollstonecraft, Rights of Woman, page 2, paragraph 8.). Wollstonecraft also believes that “the instruction of which women have hitherto received has only tended, with the constitution of civil society to render them insignificant objects of desire” (Wollstonecraft, Rights of Woman, page 1, paragraph 3.). besides being objects of desire and perpetual children, Mary Wollstonecraft goes on to say that women are typically seen as weak or that they should be. According to her, a woman may “use art and feign a sickly delicacy in order to secure her husband's affection” and that “weakness may excite tenderness, and gratify the arrogant pride of man” (Wollstonecraft, Rights of Woman,page 2, paragraph 5.). Wollstonecraft also includes that not only can this affect women negatively, but also the people who are directly accountable to her, since “a man of sense can only love such a woman on account of her sex, and respect her, because she is a trusty servant. He lets her, to preserve his own peace, scold the servants, and go to church in clothes made of the very best materials....Yet, women, whose minds are not enlarge by cultivation, or the natural selfishness of sensibility expanded by reflection, are very unfit to manage a family; for, by an undue stretch of power, they are always tyrannizing to support a superiority that only rests on the arbitrary distinction of fortune.”...
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