Rights of Miranda

Pao Xiong
Eng. 1A Opinion

Knowing Rights of Miranda
The Miranda Rights process may sound flawlessly, but is it really all for show? You and I have seen the Miranda Rights being said countless time on T.V hit shows like; Law & Order and CSI. The Miranda Rights really make the T.V characters sounds authoritative when they apprehend the criminal. All United States citizens should know the Miranda Rights process. Not just hearing the Miranda Rights but how does how the process really goes when you are in the situation like the shows on television. Why is important to understand the Miranda Rights in your environment? And how might the Miranda Rights is improved socially? Both of us may understand the Miranda Rights to some aspect but that’s not the case for all people in America. What is the important of the Miranda Rights? How did it get its name Miranda from? Here a little history where the Miranda Rights got started. The Miranda Rights came from the Supreme Court case Miranda vs. Arizona, in 1966. When Ernesto Miranda was not informed of his rights, but was arrested, taken to the police station. Miranda was detained in a segregated interrogation room for two hours. Was not informed about his right to receive counsel after interrogating, Arizona law enforcement had written a statement of Miranda, confession of the crime. The confession also contained a full disclaimer stating that Miranda was fully aware of his legal rights, when in fact, his legal counsel argued, he did not know. Eventually the court overturned Miranda conviction because Miranda was not formally informed of his legal right as a suspect. This allowed taking back his statement of confession. Ultimately, mandates the U.S law enforcement has inform citizens of their right to due process. This is how the Miranda Rights gets its name and was enforced throughout the United States. Because the Supreme Court would not want a case like this again. The Miranda...
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