Rights of Citizens

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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I believe that corporations have many different layers of rights in terms of the citizens who use their Internet site. A private citizen creating their own site to blog and speak their mind is one thing, but when they are using a site created by someone else, they are subject to that site creator’s views and decisions. For example if I was Mark Zuckerberg and I did not like that someone created a page about being anti gay marriage, I would delete that page at my own discretion. On the other hand, if corporations are choosing to attack people on privately own internet sites, I do not think that is fair. If someone is attacking and talking negatively about their corporation, they can either fight back and address it, or report it to the site owner, who can then decide to take action. But if the words are on a bloggers private site, there is really nothing the corporation can fairly do about it. That is freedom of speech. Free speech is a human right but it is all in context. For example, if someone thought that a restaurant was discriminating against who they hire, it is their free speech to stand outside on the sidewalk of that restaurant to tell incoming patrons their thought. But if they walked into the restaurant, the manager has the power to force them to leave. Outside, the manager has no right. I definitely do think that U.S. companies should have varying policies when it comes to consumer privacy and free speech. If the government set one standardized law about rights on the internet than people would not have the freedom to create the website that they want, which is not what the US is about. A true democracy should leave people the ability to create what they want with their own regulations.
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