Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginal People over the Past Century

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Culture, Indigenous peoples Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Rights and Freedoms of Aboriginal people over the past Century The rights and freedoms of Aboriginal Australians have changed tremendously over the past decade. The treatment given to the indigenous population of Australia has been an aggravating issue, ever since the white settlement in Australia. As a matter of protection, the Australian governments have implemented, rules, and policies such as, ‘the policy of protection’, assimilation, integration, paternalism, and self-determination, gradually taking away, and disempowering the Aboriginals, and their rights, and freedoms. Paternalism greatly affected individual Aboriginals. During the years of 1901 to 1914, many states and governments maintained similar attitudes and perspectives of the indigenous Australians. Predominantly, this perspective/attitude was based on the belief , that the Aboriginal population, were savages, uncivilised, and were regarded as much inferior or hold less mental capacity to determine what is best for them. This lead to paternalism. Paternalism is the meaning for ‘Fatherly’. This attitude led governments to take control over the Aboriginals, who are depicted to be unable to act for themselves. This act forced aboriginal people out of their traditional lands, the white Australians considered the need for agriculture land is much important for them rather than the Aboriginals. By extracting the Aboriginals from their lands and placing them on reserves, and providing them with adequate supplies of food, and other supplies, was thought as humane. The policy of Assimilation changed the freedom and rights of individual Aboriginal Australian. This policy fostered aboriginal people to change their, way of life, and adapt to the culture of 'white people' the individual aboriginals were expected to absorb and adapt to the white culture. This policy was depicted to be ‘good’ for the indigenous population. The policy of Assimilation was difficult to enforce, as aboriginal people retaliated, and...
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