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Rights and Freedom

By | August 2011
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Laws both restrict individual and collective freedom and improve them in many ways for the sake of the public good and to protect society. In order for individuals to function in relative harmony the preservation of the democracy and the maintenance of a society have to be ensured that the law will support and uphold the best interests of the majority. Positive aspects of the law restricting individual rights and freedom includes the law protecting a person’s freedom of speech and it also protects one from having to worry about having their possessions stolen from. However, it stops individuals from doing what they like; examples include smoking bans and marriage which are why the law also restricts individual rights and freedom for the sake of the public good.

To begin with, one of the prominent examples to why the law restricts an individual or collective freedom and right is to protect their freedom of speech. To ensure that one has the right to speak whatever ideas it wants and to be protected by the people who want to hurt them for speaking their minds. Today freedom of speech or the freedom of expression is recognized in international and regional human rights law. It is understood as a multi-faceted right that includes not only the right to express or disseminate information and ideas, but three further distinct aspects.

• The right to seek information and ideas
• The right to receive information and ideas
• The right to impart information and ideas
Therefore this ensures one to have a say in something with confidence and knowing that they are protected by the law.

Furthermore, the law also restricts stealing other people’s belongings which for the majority is better since they know that their possessions will not be stolen, broken or anything else for that matter. Although, if it anything was taken or damaged an individual wouldn’t have to worry about replacing it themselves because insurance would have covered it in the first...

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